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Thienlong.net.vn is a reputable work consultants specializing in consulting and employment service to solve the problem of quality labor shortage for businesses in Vietnam. Thienlong.net.vn is committed to creating and building a digital job market and a leading talent supply source in Vietnam.

Thienlong.net.vn connects and works with corporate partners to learn and advise and support businesses in the shortage of labor and highly skilled workers.

At the same time, we cooperate with domestic vocational and training schools to open courses to fill up the skill shortage for the workforce so that they are able to participate in high-demand jobs in the fast changing of labor market status.

Our services include:

– Consulting on seeking human resources and providing high quality labor

– Participating in supporting interviews, selection and recruitment of talent in accordance with business requirements.

– Providing technical skills training courses and short-term vocational training.

– Providing market research and career orientation consultants

– Contemporary labor supply

– Suppling and managing the labor resources

Thienlong.net.vn’s goal is to strive to build trust and improve service standards to serve our customers better while creating more jobs for Vietnamese people.

During the development period, the Thienlong.net.vn team has always been proud to be a pioneer in implementing the commitment to change and lead in highly demanding to the market:

  1. We connect employers and candidates through our website and mobile apps and manage a completely online job market through our platform. Job searching or recruitment is done with just a one “click” without waiting your time on interview and selection because our consultants on Thienlong.net.vn have censored candidate CV information and job postings of company.
  2. We recruit and train a team of human resources with recruitment and selection skills to moderate the information that users post on Thienlong.net.vn’s platform to reduce recruitment time and costs for both employers and job seekers. By confirming and consulting on jobs suitable to candidates’ abilities, Thienlong.net.vn makes a difference to reduce risks in finding talent for our partners.
  3. We provide a system to control all job postings and candidates’ CVs as well as online employment transactions on the Thienlong.net.vn website platform to ensure the rights and reputation of users.
  4. We are committed to provide worker and job seekers with Free of Charge from providing employment consulting services.
  5. And there are many other service standards that you will only feel when using our services.

We understand that, to continue to develop in the market, Thienlong.net.vn needs to continuously improve service quality. Therefore, we always expect to cooperate with customers with the most rigorous requirements. That is the principle in all activities of Thienlong.net.vn in the upcoming pathways.